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The items are in no particluar order. They are removed when sold and new ones are added in my effort to purge my possesions so I am no longer considered a pack rat. - March 15, 2014

4 chairs

Four hard wood chairs sutable for refinishing or painting. $20.00 for all four.


Fiberglass and aluminum multiposion folding ladder.

The price for this ladder is $75.00

4 chairs

Four hard wood chairs sutable for refinishing or painting. $20.00 for all four. picture of 2nd pair


Antique Barrister Book Case This beautiful antique mahogany sectional bookcase was hand-crafted in England around 1940 by the famous Globe-Wernicke Company. Globe-Wernicke invented the sectional bookcase, which is also known as a barrister bookcase or a lawyer bookcase. It is especially significant that mahogany was used in this bookcase, since it was more expensive and thus better-made than oak varieties. Brass straps run along the sectional sides of the bookcase, forming a wonderful complement to the mahogany, and each of the doors lifts up and slides on a small metal rail. Some of the sectional doors slide with difficulty and do not close all the way, the bottom stand is missing, and the top four sections are screwed together. Otherwise condition remains excellent, with very little surface wear and a remarkably strong structure, which is expected from a genuine Globe-Wernicke bookcase. This elegant antique Globe-Wernicke sectional bookcase will continue to function in beauty and style for generations to come, so it would make a fine addition to any home or office furniture collection! http://www.english-classics.net/furniture/product/antique-globe-wernicke-sectional-bookcase

The price for this Book Case is $1200.00

Kodak color printer

A pair of Jack Stands $5.00


Hand cart 4 wheels 2 available $5.00 each


Please buy these chairs.

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Bolins hydstatic drive tractor with power take off and rototiller.

Price for this tractor $900.00 or best offer.


Hedge trimmer Electric $5.00


Sears 6 inch table saw, table and drive motor for $25.00.

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